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That terrible night

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On February 10, 1990, we celebrated Pooja’s first birthday. Within two weeks I had to join my ship “Vishwa Asha” in Calcutta. This time my wife Manju and daughter Pooja were also with me. After about 10 days our ship reached Cochin. While staying there, we had to meet the doctor as Manju was not feeling well, after the check-up the doctor informed us that Manju was pregnant and we have to be very careful while sailing. Both of us were happy with this news and also a little worried. At first, the puja was only 15 months and then the ship was going to Rasiya on a long journey of about 6 months. Well, we accepted it as God’s blessing, considering it our destiny.

We arrived in Odessa in late April, after about 21 days of selling. Both the weather and the river supported us, the routine was very good, our Bengali steward onboard took good care of Manju and Pooja’s catering. Our ship stayed in Rasiya for about 3 months, meanwhile, we saw ballet dances at many new places, the Russian Circus, and especially the Opera House in Odessa. The three of us enjoyed this period very much. The ship came to Odessa by loading tobacco in cargo from Cochin, the ship went to Novorossisk in Odessa by unloading tobacco. This is also the second port of Rasiya in the Black Sea itself, loaded heavy machinery goods from here to Calcutta.
Dated 24th July 1965, Novorossiysk (Rasia) – After finishing all the cargo loading work, the ship left for the return journey to Calcutta in the evening, as usual, I finished my watch from 9 to 7 and came to my cabin at eight o’clock. Manju was weaving a sweater sitting on the couch and Pooja was playing table tennis hair, I took out a cold coke from the fridge and sat in a chair nearby. Just then, the Chief Engineer got a call, today the mood of the Black Sea is bad, seeing the lashing, etc. in the engine room.

I kept my phone down, so a loud roll of the ship came, my cabin was on the outer corner of the ship’s port side. The effect of rolling was felt more there, suddenly the entire ship went from the port towards the board and then straightened. The can of coke placed on the table fell down on the floor and the whole coke spread on the floor, Manju first picked up Pooja and sat on the couch with her and held her. I thought I have just come out of Novorossisk, so soon the black sea form should not be found, maybe a couple of rolls will be cool.


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But it was not so, the mood of the Black Sea was very bad that day. After the first roll on the sideboard, the ship went towards the port and it started happening again and again. Within 5 minutes, these rolls were going from 30 to 35 degrees, suddenly the condition had worsened. Pitching had also started with rolling, I had to get to the engine room at the earliest and could not leave Manju and Pooja in the day room here in this condition. They both found it very difficult to enter the bedroom by themselves. There is always complete preparation for such a situation on the ship, yet sometimes 2 misses and it becomes very heavy. The same thing happened in my day room, with every roll the stuff kept in the rake was falling on the floor. Usually, regards are placed in rakes, but some regards were not installed that day, the files kept in rakes fell. A pickle bottle was placed, the bottom fell and the whole pickle spread. The ship’s rolls were gradually increasing and becoming more annoying.

Due to the spread of oil and coke on the floor, the entire floor was smooth, with the same roll in it, I sat on the chair, slipped and went towards the board and then hit the port. It was difficult to stand up from the chair without support. Both of us were frightened by this situation, the main reason for our concern was Manju being pregnant. Somehow I resorted to the table and stood up with great difficulty, first I held Pooja on the table and held her with one hand, and then with the other hand pushed Manju towards the bedroom. Taking 2 pujas behind her, I too entered the bedroom, leaving both of them safe inside, I came out again.

The condition of the day room was getting worse and worse, the continuous fast-rolling loosened the holding guard of the fridge and slid off the fridge stand board and hit the port and then the port board from the port, the day room was devastated.

While escaping, he came out of the dayroom with great difficulty and reached the engine room, reached and took stock of the situation there. Increased the level of the lubricating isle at the end of the main engine, saw the lashing of everything, etc. By the grace of God, the engine was running well, I returned to my cabin after half an hour giving necessary instructions. The Black Sea kept everyone asleep for 12 hours, the night passed with great difficulty. By the morning, the ocean had become somewhat calm, which reached Istanbul 2 became completely calm.


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