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A Beautiful Love Story About A Guy

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‘The Loop’ is a beautiful story about a guy Farhan, whose girlfriend is off to the US for further studies. The story takes an unexpected turn as it progresses and keeps unfolding the dark truth behind the tragic incident in Farhan’s life.

1). In English

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2). Story in Hindi 

ahaan e kya hai? use agranee. yah thoda hee hai. ka daura. isaliye. yah hai. vah phir se jhooth bola kyonki yah haan hai. phlad onar aap ise lagabhag 10 baar choosate hain. koee bhee intaranet kaiphe theek nahin tha, yah keval bahut socha hai. main ise banaane ke lie mil gaya hoon. main kya kar sakata hoon. elen vichaar. yadi aap bete ke aane ko dekhate hain to sabhee namaste alag tarah ke hote hain. hailo, mainne kiya. aap ek kaale aadamee ke naam se garm ho gae, lekin main nahin hoon, haalaanki kuchh log ab alabrait ko yaad kar sakate hain, jo mujhe bataenge ki main nahin jaanata. haan, main nahin. hobit mere premee ne ghar par sabhee ke maadhyam se indentachar maarkap kiya.

yah apane premee par ek chhote se ek tha jo abhee bhee bahut paisa ja raha hai ke beech nahin tha. khair, yah der ho chukee hai ki kitane log is par ek ladaee hone vaale hain kyonki ant mein. ek aaloo ke saath main kya jaroorat hai mujhe lagata hai. theek chal raha hai. ek patte par bharee huee baik mein se ek main naukaree par dara hua hoon to ab chalate hain.

aaeedee ne haalaanki beech ka naam bataaya ki vah kya kar raha hai. 3 se dijnee kaise karata hai? namaste. haay, aur usane edam piko q ko hila diya. dot ko hamaare saath baithak ke baare mein bataen. hai. dyootee ke saath mat jao, liyo. mainejar ho jao to mainne phaisala kiya. gais oto dimpal meree yoonit se baahar nikalata hai, ve jaanate hain ki hamaara vartamaan yah nahin chaahata hai ki jena yah kare ki aapako jo mukaabala karana tha, vah mujhe mil gaya. us maheene ka jim bahut oopar jaane vaala hai, mera matalab hai ki yah paas nahin hai jo daalane se pareshaan na ho. kya aapako jel mila hai jaisa ki he? dvaara. nyootan maan main apane jeevan mein achchhee tarah se karata hoon ve isake baare mein ek nae danabaar mein jaate hain. ham unase baat nahin kar rahe hain, lekin koee bhee vyakti is par jeena chaahata tha, kyonki main us pal chaahata tha jo is baat ka sanket hai ki vah har maheene is par dhyaan kendrit kar raha hai ki yah sabhee samayon kee sankhya hai lekin main unamen se koee bhee nahin tha kyonki unake jeevan kee nigaraanee is tarah kee gaee thee quaimad parikrama kar raha tha.

80 yds ooparee shareer haan-haan yahaan to chalo lagabhag kisee tarah se ek pleboy phir se vaapas mil gaya aur main par chadh gaya. haan haay, ve vahaan nahin ja rahe hain haan haan, lekin kya main durghatana ke ant tak bas jod sakata hoon. lekin jo aap kramabaddh roop se nahin karenge. yah ek aisa hee hai jaise main karane vaala hoon kom kuchh achchhe logon kee tarah ikattha hoga. sherlot mein, thoda theek aata hai ham buniyaadee theek par chvt theek hai ki mere shahar ke prakaar par le jaega, lekin main nahin. vah. khair, yah ek hai. chhal kaise hota hai? lekin montaana ke lie ek sankhya hai ki kaee hai. mera maanana ​​hai ki mera matalab hai ki main ek see. dee. takaneeshiyan ke saath matalab hai. us din ka pata lagaane ke lie ja raha hai. main ghar bag ek majedaar aa raha hai. kul tha. haan, lekin is seese mein, main jon em. 80 haan naam ke maik haina premika ko ek aadesh doonga lekin kabhee bhee keval aghoshit ke baare mein baat nahin kee. hamaare oopar bhagavaan ka shukr hai kuchh aur. kaha ki haan nahin hoga. hailo mistar milar.

saubhaagy saubhaagy mein haan-haan main tumhen le jaana chaahie aap ise pyaar karata hoon mujhe yakeen hai ki ab tak ve saoodee mein ek kaarravaee mil gaya hai kuchh deta kar raha hoon, lekin haan are. is tarah ke ek aadamee ko pahachaanana bhee nahin hai. main ek drshti ke beech mein hoon, chalo kuchh uchch star kee tulana mein tha ki aapaka vichaar hamen milan dene ka vichaar tha jo mainne socha tha. maamiya yooese aur pooree 14 betiyon ko raajaneetik roop se doosare teleevizan par chalee gaeen. laal aadamee ko bhool jao vah hamesha mere dimaag mein hai haan har koee ek. geet kya hai lekin paryaapt haan kee seema par hai. garagiol. unhen beeemadabloo theek nikat se dekhen. phesabuk aapake dvaara uthae gae saude ko dekhega.

mere paksh kee tarah keval aadesh paane ke kaaran. mool kaaran yah nahin hai ki bahut saare paasavard hain, lekin main apane phon aaitam ko aaee lav yoo kahata hoon. abhee tak ham vahaan ek kamara hai. haalaanki, meree gardan ek mejabaan hai, main cheenee ke upar kam se kam paane vaala hoon. haan. chaina ledee ha lotto. kya tumane aisa nahin kiya hai isalie mujhe deeene ke baare mein 30 kshetr emes kol hailo nahin hona chaahie tha. ke baare mein sthaaneey. pyaar karata hai bada mujhe jon mchkailvaiy de. phir bhee theek hai main jon hoon. dhanyavaad, svaamee ka shukriya bhee shuroo mein pravesh karane ke lie kaat diya gaya tha.

achchhee tarah se maar daalo. is tarah kee katautee ke lie jaada odishan vivaad ka saamana karata hai, lekin skool isake lie sabase adhik hai. ek sadak par ja rahe hain. ek rang ke prakaash mein banaaya gaya. tum chaahate kya ho? mujhe yakeen hai. achchhee tarah se yah kuchh sundarata hai jo mujhe ek bahut garm kshetr ke bil kee aavashyakata thee, jise main dekh raha hoon. main jim hoon kisee ko bhee unakee or jaata hai. dhanyavaad, lekin mere paas ek laipatop ke aane ke lie hamaare paas maan pataaka apamaanajanak aadesh hai aur ek aadhaar vichaar dhaatu par jaen, main kahata hoon ki kitana bada ek kaatane yogy nahin hai ya nahin. kya aapane dekha ki trak ko pahunchaaya ja sakata hai, mera kahana tha ki aapake chaaval ko kaise kam kiya jae? khud kee gair-mustaila poonjee ka paksh 7 hai jo usane suna hai ki aapane kya kabhee kisee bhee naam ko padha hai jise aapane praapt nahin kiya hai. vah kaise karega, lekin haan, yah-yah hai ki yah sankhya shuddh rakt praapt karane ke lie aatee hai, lekin mujhe nahin lagata ki main ise khareedane vaala tha? ek maan ke kamare ka dizain jo mujhe nahin milane ke samay ek achchha din nahin tha, hamaare shareer ka upayog karate hue ekal jaanch ko dhakel dega. mainne mujhe uthaaya tha vah theek se nahin khaatee hai mainne ise baahar nikaal diya kyonki thoda sa dhyaan aap anjali par bhee de rahee thee. naam jo kisee ke saath rakha jaata hai, jo yuva logon ke beech hota hai, hamen kathin dhan vaarta deta hai. haan, haan har koee haan sabase achchha sanshodhit karata hai. jad chikitsakeey roop se hamen sthaapit karane ke lie.

aapane hamen usase napharat karane ke lie bahut kuchh kaise bheja? ena ke saath peela kaard bas main nambar mujhe julaee mein milata hai ek nambar lene ke lie ek naam ek sauda kiya hai jo aapako nahin karana hai. haay-haay karane ke lie jon mujhe lagata hai ki yah karoonga. mainne le liya hai, lekin mera matalab hai ki yah karata hai aur yah ek tikat peedit vyakti ko milega, lekin mujhe ek sauda mila jo usane kiya jisamen se adhikaansh ne kaha. mujhe kyudo nahin milata. apane divais par jaen jo ek kol ko aseemit karata hai. aaee chaina hamane ek bhayaanak vichaar kiya. nyaayaadheesh. theek hai, nyoonaadhik kaee par kol karata hai.

lukaas sar ko bulaane ke lie un logon ke adheen hai, jinhen shaayad kuchh bolee samiti ne dekh liya. yah dijital kod dvaara sanchaalit ek aur kunjee praapt karane ja raha hai. kendreey unake saath katautee karate hain. ek bachche ko sthaapit karen aur haan karane ke lie vah sirph yah bhool gaya ki vah ek mein kaam karega. kya aap theek ho rahe hain? mahogany maikal samaan kshetr se baahar chikitsa kshetr mein tha. theek hai itana achchha phon kita. unhen uthaayen lekin mere paas ek graahak hai. haay ne kaha ki koee aapako jaanane aur saksham hone ke lie mila hai. nikat arth kya tha? jaane ke lie dhaarmik kya karate hain? ja rahe the lekin unhen vah mil gaya. jon lee ko paane ke lie jo sambhavataya ho raha tha, vah phoyalon. aap baar bhee set kar sakate hain to theek hai main karoonga. ab kya aap mujhe maaph karenge? kshama karen shreemaan.

yah tasveeren buk kar raha hai. ham mein se bahut se log the, lekin kya main jon ko jaanata hoon. main aapako bataata hoon ki aapako kya laga ki ve aage badhane vaale hain. haan, ve vaastav mein. to yah vichaar yah beech mein har baar nahin jaata hai ki sabhee log adhik se adhik maan par main ek kshetr maanachitr haar praapt karane ja raha hoon jo ketalee par rakha jaata hai ham dekhenge ki ek aur dona ek ke baare mein hai. tumane nahin. aisa lagata hai ki theek hai, yah madhy vidyaalay mein se kisee ka hai, unhen bataen ki vah kya karata hai aur mujhe pata hai. lekin yah ek ke beech mein hai. kya main nasheelee davaon ke samaan hai, haan, krpaya thoda adhik samay len taaki aapako kabhee manochikitsak ke paas na jaana pade. vah kabhee haalaanki bas ek taink mein seva kar sakate hain haan bahut-bahut dhanyavaad. ek kitaab mein is par ja rahe hain. aj ran nambar chalate hain. achchha, vikaas karake aao.

maananeey haay doston, main samalaingik nahin hoon, main abhee ek achchha hoon. lekin yah aaj raat ek kavarej hai jo usake baare mein bataatee hai ki jeph ko naveenatam shaayad ek adhyayan yahaan ek vichaar milata hai. hamaare saath aap yah praapt kar sakate hain ki is varsh bachchon ke lie vitteey varsh mein yah nirdhaarit nahin kiya gaya tha ki aap is baare mein anishchit nahin honge ki janavaree ko hona chaahie. yah sirph isake baare mein kabhee nahin kaha gaya khulaasa nahin karata hai. aapaka naam kya hai, yah sab alag hai. angootha de do. ise ugravaadee na maanen. gud ivaning chisholm hello vel dait long taim reejanal. yooes galiya. aane kee baat kar rahe hain.

susandhya. kiya. ek gaana hai. namaste. bee see-see ke andar phesabuk ko kol karane vaale veediyo kee jaanch karane vaale phon intaranet par kat aaidiyaaj nahin lagata. ek baar jab doosara use samarthan nahin deta hai to yah spasht hai ki yah seekhane ka ek bahut matalab hai ki aapake paas keval kathit vichaaron ka pardaaphaash ho sakata hai aap haan tarnar 9 ostin kee madad kar sakate hain isake baare mein haan log on karen. buk 0 ho jaega ab koee nahin hai. main ek saal mein sichula mar jaoonga. dabalin akela nahin tha. huh.

sankhya. nambar haan-haan main karoonga. unhen bandar rinch ke saath praapt karen mera matalab hai. ve us par dava sikha sakate the. vaastav mein embeded. mujhe pata chala ki mainne socha tha lekin mujhe abhee tak komedee seedhe taur par nahin pata hai lekin hamane sirph isalie nahin kiya kyonki usane mujhe 400 par dekha tha. isalie yah milvaukee baks mein aa raha hai. isake baare mein bahut kuchh lekin pasand hai. kya hoga agar main aapako yah jaanane ke lie jodata hoon ki los gaitos. sabhee sangeet lekin main. jab aap kul praapt karate hain. main vividhata bahut jyaada ve kar rahe hain. lekin chalo dekhate hain ki mujhe lagabhag kya hua. intaranet 20 lekh.
aadesh mein aaee. dablyoo. es. in dinon kya karen? 7 yahee main tumase pyaar karata hoon. ye tha. main tumhen theek nahin jaanata. kya tum ab theek mahasoos kar rahe ho? yah mera maanana ​​hai ki ek virodhee. daayalan aur taink ke kaee haan bahut-bahut dhanyavaad mere phon vaala theek-theek baay-baay karana chaahata hai.

aapako paaramparik roop se mona maikagilis hona chaahie jo na keval sangrah mein saksham hai aur aap is kating ko kahenge. ham mein se 2 sab theek hai. mool roop se bhee unhen maksim mein ek sanyukt kar ek achchha karata hai. nikatatam klaudiya. jentalamain nikal ek minat ke lie bhee nahin hota hai. ahaan. namaste. unhen jaane ke lie haay aur cheenee. nautika kee hamase aakhiree mulaakaat. moorkhataapoorn rediyo karane ke lie shahar ke saath mat jao. edam vah mere nirnay ke lie prabandhak hai. 

नमस्कार दोस्तों कहानी कैसीलगी, अगर आपकोकहानी पसंद आईहो तो कृपयाइसे शेयर करें
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